Broken / Cracked / Malfunction Remote / FOB Repair / Refurbish in Hamilton

Have you had a remote that stopped working suddenly? Or cracked / broke due to usage? Or some buttons work and others don’t? Or intermittently working? We have seen them all and would be able to provide you free diagnostics to find out if it’s repairable.

Here are some of the problems we have come across related to car remotes in Hamilton –

1. GMC / Pontiac / Buick / Chevrolet remotes stop working due to broken battery holder. Also in a lot of cases, some buttons stop working and some work intermittently. We have the correct tools and expertise to repair and refurbish.

2. Honda Remote Keys tend to crack near the end of the key and that’s due to the twisting force during usage. We stock all shells to be able to refurbish and laser cut and transfer the electronics from the old remote key to the new remote key and save you money.

3. Old Dodge / Chrysler remote keys tend to cracked and separate the key from the shell, or the buttons stop. In some cases, the car does not start anymore because the transponder chip inside the remote key head was damaged. We have come across dozens of these situations and able in most cases repair and get it back to new condition.

4. New Dodge / Chrysler FOBIKs have the tendency to cracked near the panic area, and that’s due to the design of the shell, when that happens, then next problem that occur is for the car not to start, and we have come across dozens of these situations. We recommend refurbishing the shell with us when a sign of cracking occurs. In other cases the remote stops working, and that’s due to several factors, we have had a success rate of 95% to repair these type of problems.

5. Key Ring loop broken? No problem as we stock a wide diverse of shells to refurbish your OEM Remote, and are able to service you same day.

6. BMW, Mini Cooper diamond key remote stop working? The dealers typically only sell you a new one, however we at Auto Key Pro have the expertise in house to replace the battery with a genuine rechargeable battery for it to last longer. We also can offer a new remote key shell to make it look brand new again.

7. Remote Key / Smart Key / FOB dropped in water? There is a 60% of recovery so make sure you pass by our store in Hamilton to attempt to revive it before you spend money on a new one.

We at Auto Key Pro specialize in repairing and refurbishing your keys. If you are looking for a car locksmith with an electronics engineering background to handle any of the above or other electronic problems related to your keys and remotes, Auto Key Pro in Hamilton is the right place to be.

Auto Key Pro
Hamilton Car Locksmith Repair/Refurbish Service

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