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The car ignition cylinder is the mechanical and cylindrical part used to start the car. It is often welded onto the steering column and is usually located on the right side, behind the steering wheel. The more traditional ignition lock cylinder system is still prevalent despite the transition of modern automobiles to using a push-to-start system. However, a non-working car ignition cylinder can be a real bummer. Using DIY methods also doesn’t work sometimes and you are left with a car that doesn’t start. At this moment, calling professionals for car ignition cylinder replacement is the best one can do. These saves time as well as effort and you can get a ready-to-go car in a few minutes.

Car Ignition Cylinder - Auto Key Pro

Here are the most common issues related to ignition switch failure:


  • Engine stalling while driving
  • Engine stalling just past ignition
  • Problems with power maintenance

Steps to take to correct the problem:


  • Hire professional locksmiths that specialize in your particular vehicle type.
  • Describe the symptoms to the automotive technician so they can find a possible solution.
  • Make sure the locksmiths or the technicians you hired follow the right approach to diagnosing the issue.

How to prevent damage to the car ignition cylinder:


Do not put any heavy key chain items

Sometimes car owners secure keys and toys with their car’s keychain which eventually add more stress to the ignition lock cylinder. It gradually takes down the key and tumblers due to excess weight every time you insert and remove your key. After months or years, the car key may be unable to twist out of the lock position or may even fall out of the ignition lock causing more problems.

Always use the right keys for the right car

This seems simple, but do ensure that you are looking forward to starting the right car. In some cases, car owners may sometimes unlock or get into their alternate car without any intention and try to start the engine. If you by mistake put the wrong key, this will also lead to a broken car ignition cylinder.

Some preventive tips and the assistance of professionals can help you replace or repair a car’s ignition cylinders. Get in touch with experienced technicians to get the best services.



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