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Get Solve Lost all keys Issues with Auto Key Pro

Most of us have the habit of keeping our car keys along with the key chain for safety purposes but sometimes we end up in the worst scenario after taking safety precautions even then our car keys get lost and the unpleasant situation is you are in a hurry to go somewhere but you couldn’t start your car because you have lost the car key. What possible thing you can do next is search for a spare key, but not everyone is lucky to get the spare key. It seems to be the most unfortunate situation when you lost all your car keys. Don’t panic we are here to assist you. Auto key Pro is 24/7 available to deal with all types of key issues!!

Lost all keys Issues

Efficiently handles issues related to the following types of keys:


  • Mechanical keys: These are the most simple and basic keys. They are cut from metal and it is easy to get a copy.
  • Remote fob with keys: These keys is bi-functional. We can use it either by pressing the fob button or by using a mechanical key.
  • Remote keyless fob: The button on the fob is used to lock and unlock the car. These are battery-operated and need to be put into the ignition to start the car.
  • Transponder keys: These keys have an electronic microchip that sends a series of codes to your car. It involves a high level of expertise to get its copy.

How will Locksmiths rescue you


Firstly, don’t fret. Take a deep breath and give us a call, our competent team will reach the site and make sure you have proof of ownership. Ensure you have a valid ID and a document that states your name and your vehicle identification number, this will make things run much more quickly. After providing the documents the locksmith will start working on your car with many different methods. It depends on what type of car key you have and what your vehicle’s security system has.

To avoid this bad situation in the future again, it will be best to utilize our service by getting duplicate keys. Duplication involves a high level of expertise and if you are already with a competent team then save yourself by asking for duplicating and matching to the “master keys”.

Concluding Note


A mobile locksmith is always beneficial over local dealers. They offer you every kind of service in all key lost situations within your wallet limits. Moreover, their mobile emergency service will tempt you to contact locksmiths as you don’t need to tow your vehicle instead, they will come to you. They are competent with the latest equipment and years of experience and will surely bring you back to the road in no time. Reach out to Auto Key Pro for lost key service at affordable prices. A single-stop solution for handling all your key issues, our team will be glad to assist you at any time.



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