Honda and Acura Ignition and Lock Cylinders Stuck

Do you find yourself wiggling your keys to turn the lock cylinder? Does it get stuck at times when pull the key out? Is it not smooth when entering the key in the door or ignition lock cylinder? These are all signs of damaged wafers within the lock cylinders. The good news is that there is always a chance to repair the lock cylinder and replace the wafers and refurbish the lock cylinder. This is highly suggested to be done when first signs of damage occurs.

Here are images of Honda and Acura high security and laser cut keys, one of which is worn out and the other which is newly cut and the ignition cylinder was repaired and rekeyed.

Honda Worn KeyHonda New Key









Tip of the key is rounded which is a sign of a worn out key, that creates a mushroom end which damages the wafers when inserting the key in the lock cylinder.

Auto Key Pro uses OEM Honda wafers to replace the worn out wafers with new wafers.

Auto Key Pro is a local Hamilton Automotive Locksmith company specializing in automotive/car key and remote, servicing the Burlington, Ancaster, Stoney Creek area. We offer mobile service for lost car keys situations. We also specialize in refurbishing key fobs, cracked shells, remote refurbish, broken keys from shells. In addition, if you have any remotes, FOBs, remote transmitters, Smart keys, prox/proximity keys electronics that do not work, we have the experts in house that can attempt to repair them. We try out best to save customer money as that’s a win win situation.

To visit your local Hamilton Automotive Locksmith, you can pass by our store at 961 Main St E in Hamilton. Intersection of Main St E and Gage Ave.

Auto Key Pro Team

Hamilton Automotive Locksmith


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