Honda Fit Key Stuck In Damaged Door Lock Cylinder

We received a phone call requiring assistance for a Honda Fit 2009, the key got stuck in the driver door and they were having difficulties removing it. Honda lock cylinders are known to have problems and this causes lots of issues to car owners, the worst is when the ignition cylinder stops working and you can no longer start your vehicle. We highly suggest you lubricate your lock cylinders once in a while and use the key to clean out the dirt that comes out due to the accumulations. Another suggestion would be to make sure your keys are not worn out, specially with Hondas, worn out keys can potentially cause a wafer to bend internally which would stop allowing it to turn, or not allow the key to go in or out anymore.

In this Honda Fit case, it was a bent wafer, we took off the door panels and reached to the lock cylinder, removed the key and changed ALL the wafers inside the lock with OEM Honda Wafers and also cut new master keys to make sure that this problem does not happen in the near future.

Do not hesitate to contact us for future needs and be assured that we have the experts on site to service your vehicle for any car key/fob/lock cylinder needs.


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