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Most ignition keys for cars now have a transponder that electronically communicates with your car to prevent theft. The car won’t start if the key isn’t programmed to match it. Unlike older vehicle keys that use mechanical cut keys, modern car keys come with remotes and transponder chips. With a remote key, drivers can unlock their cars nearby. With a smart car key, drivers can unlock and start their car without inserting a key into the ignition.

Ignition Keys for Cars - Auto Key Pro

Car keys now come in various types, shapes, and sizes. Here are some of the most common key fobs:

  • Laser Cut Car Key
  • Transponder car key
  • Mechanically cut car key
  • Smart car keys
  • Remote keys
  • Switch-blade or Flip Style Remotes
  • Valet Key
  • VAT Key

Understanding what to do if car keys not working

  • If you find your key is not responding, make sure its battery is working properly. Your first move should be replacing the battery which is the most common solution.
  • In case you lost your car key, replacing it can be a bit expensive as it requires programming keys from scratch.
  • Avoid attaching extra keys/weight to the key ring. This can cause the tumbler inside the barrel to wear out prematurely.
  • Lubricating the ignition barrel with a dab of graphite is a smart idea that extends the life of the key as well as the barrel.
  • Do not use your keys as a tool or for any other purpose that it is not meant for. Keep your car key away from moisture and humidity.

Reach out to Auto Key Pro for the best assistance from experts. We create and replace the best ignition keys for cars based on clients’ needs and preferences.



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