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If you are looking for quality car locksmith services from Hamilton’s most trusted name in locksmithing, you have found the right place. Auto Key Pro has been offering quality, affordable car locksmith services to the Hamilton area since 2013 and our reputation and Google customer reviews speak for themselves!
So, if you’re locked out of your car and want to get back in fast, contact us immediately and we’ll dispatch our mobile locksmith unit to your location and have you back in your car and back to your day before you know it!

Locked Keys In Car?

Are Your Keys Lost Or Locked Inside Your Car?
If you own a car, it’s just a matter of time before you eventually lock yourself out. Whether you lose your keys or simply lock them in your car, there are few things more inconvenient about owning a vehicle than being locked out of it.
Luckily, if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, there is a simple solution to your problem and it’s just a phone call away! Just call Auto Key Pro’s mobile locksmithing unit and we’ll come straight to you, pop your lock or replace your keys, and get you back on the road in no time flat.
The Most Advanced Locksmithing Equipment And Techniques
Auto Key Pro’s locksmiths are fully trained and up to date on all of the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that your vehicle can be opened in as little time as possible without a single scratch or damage. Unlike many locksmith and tow truck companies, we don’t use slim jims or other devices that carry the risk of damaging the window/door panels or linkage mechanisms contained in your car’s door.
We use a specialized car tool that is inserted into the lock and we safely pick the lock in such a way that the car’s security system will recognize the unlock as though it were a normal, run-of-the-mill key entry and will not potentially enter lockdown mode.
By combining car locksmith expertise and using updated techniques and tools, our locksmiths are able to deliver quality, affordable service without the risk of vehicle damage, scratched paint, or security lockdown headaches.
Modern Key Replacement Services You Can Trust
If you do not need a lock popped and have simply lost your keys, we can still help! Our mobile locksmith unit is fully stocked with everything our master car locksmiths require to replace a set of keys for nearly any car, usually in less than thirty minutes.
Our far locksmiths are fully trained in the latest techniques for programming key fobs and cutting new keys for about 90% of the vehicles on the market today. As members of VSP (Vehicle Security Professionals), we have legitimate access to the VIN codes of any car vehicle out there and our membership in the Association Of Ontario Locksmiths means you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands with us.
If you’ve lost your keys, we’ll have a new set of professionally cut keys with a flawlessly programmed key fob in your hands in a fraction of the time it would take your dealer and at a fraction of the cost.

Hamilton Professional Auto Locksmith

At Auto Key Pro, we use professional picking tools and advanced programming tools to be able to service your vehicle key needs promptly with no damages.

Car Lockout Service

Have you locked keys in the car and need a car lockout service? We can help get your car opened. We will come out in our mobile locksmith van with all the right tools to open your car door safely with no scratches or damage to your car.
We offer fast, friendly lockout services in Hamilton 7 days a week
At some point, everyone accidentally locks their keys in the car and needs help to get back in. Opening car doors is a big part of our job for car lockouts and for lost keys and ignition problems. Call us now.

Lost Key Service

If you lost your car key or broke it we can make you a new one.  
We will come to you and create a new key for your car, cutting and programming the key to the requirements of your vehicle.
We are your car key professional in Hamilton.

We Fix Or Replace

Most remote Head Keys and Remotes

Toyota, Lexus, Honda and Acura Reflashing Services

We can fix a failed immobilizer or defective ECU Regardless of the vehicle.
The memory chip is inside the module immobilizer or ECU. The memory part which stores the key data sequence is called an EEPROM. EEPROM stands for “E”lectrically “E”rasable “P”rogrammable “R”ead “O”nly “M”emory. This is a memory technology which has a unique characteristic as it does not loose its data when power is removed. Our work as an automotive locksmith involves one of two procedures REFLASHING or EEPROM WORK

REFLASHING – Reflashing is a proven technique we use where a vehicle immobilizer is programmed with a special file which restores the EEPROM to the original factory values (same condition as a new immobilizer). After reflashing and reinstallation, the vehicle will be in “learn mode” and able to accept new keys. Reflashing is commonly used on Toyota, Lexus, Honda and Acura vehicles. 

EEPROM WORK – EEPROM work is a term used to describe working with the data stored in the eeprom itself to create or add keys. Unlike reflashing, this technique applies to a wide variety of vehicles. EEPROM work requires a special tool which is capable of reading data from an eeprom and saving it to a file. The file is then passed to a “Transponder Programmer” the function of which is to use the eeprom data file to create a new key. The key is guaranteed to work since it was created directly from the original eeprom data. EEPROM work may also involve reading, viewing and editing the key sequence data and then programming the edited data back into the eeprom. EEPROM work is a more intricate procedure, but it provides us with a broad range of vehicle security solutions for your car.