How Does Auto Key Pro Help If You Lost Your Car Key Fob?

Lost your only set of car keys? We saw persons asking & requesting by saying lost my car key fob. Now you are looking for a new car key fob set as early as possible. Where there is a problem there’s a solution too. Auto Key Pro can only resolve you out in urgency with key duplication, key programming, and replacing your old worn out with a new key fob.

lost my car key fob


Key Cutting and Programming Services are Performed Well at Auto Key Pro. 

We supply and program key fobs for all kinds of keys i.e. from old metal keys to high-security transponder keys. Our locksmith services are available for all sorts of car, truck and motorcycle make & model. Our skilled technicians can complete key cutting and programming with advanced tools and smart machines.

Solve Your Problem Within Time.

Many of our customers are now enjoying the keyless entry by replacing their old metal keys with smart entry key fobs. We can provide you the reliable services quickly and easily by erasing and disabling your used keys of a truck or a car with wonderful programming and replacement. If you are struggling with the problem of immobilizer, you may call us or you need to bring your vehicle to our service center to get it solved rapidly.  

Our Superb Services Meet All Your Expectations.

We provide a wide range of auto locksmith services. Instead of handing over a new key fob to you; our mechanics will thoroughly diagnose the problem with the key and advise you accordingly which can exactly cut your extra expenses and provide you with a customized key. Our top experienced automobile staff is always ready to serve you with get-up-and-go; they are specialists in erasing the old key from your vehicle memory and securing your vehicle for the future.

Visit Auto Key Pro and get quality smart key services at the lowest price with advanced solutions.



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