Mercedes Benz No Start Condition – Remove Key – Electronic Steering Lock Electronic Ignition Switch

Are you in a situation where your Mercedes Benz vehicle suddenly decided not to start? You insert the key and it would not turn? Or you insert the key and turns but your dash does not turn on? And it displays “Remove Key”? Unfortunately this is caused due to the failure of 1 of 3 components –

  1. Bad Key – If your Mercedes Smart Key IR board goes bad, the EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch) would not recognize the key and this would not give the proper authorizations to the rest of the system to allow the vehicle to start. At Auto Key Pro, we have the tools and expertise to test the key to confirm if that’s the cause of the problem or not. Saving you hundreds in diagnostics fee. If the key is the problem, we can have a new key ready within few hours.
  2. EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch) – This is the computer module that has all the key information, this is the module which your key gets inserted into and it communicates with each other via IR. If the EIS gets damaged or corrupted, it will not allow the vehicle to start. At Auto Key Pro, we have the team and tools and expertise to diagnose an EIS issue and attempt to repair or replace it saving you thousands compared to the dealer. Service to be completed within 24 hours.
  3. ESL (Electronics Steering Lock) – This is the computer module that is responsible to unlock and lock the steering wheel whenever you insert and remove the key from the EIS. The way this works is by inserting the key into the EIS, the EIS confirms if the key is valid, if it is, it send the signal to the ESL to release the steering lock. Once the steering lock is released, the ESL sends the signal to the EIS that it’s unlocked and then the EIS sends the signal to the dash and other related computers to turn on and start the vehicle (giving them the authorizations). If the Steering Lock is damaged, the vehicle would also not start. We have solutions with lifetime warranty for this and this saves you thousands compared to the dealer. Service to be completed within 24 hours.

A trip to the dealer to look into this situation for you typically goes like this –

  1. Diagnostics fees of 1 to 2 hours
  2. Some cases we have been told that the dealers order a new key and that takes 1 to 2 weeks to get from Germany. Average cost $300+T.
  3. If the new key does not start the car, they may decide to replace the EIS, average cost of $1200+T.
  4. If they decide to replace the ESL, the average cost is around $1500+T with the chances of this happening again high.

We have worked on several vehicles with these issues and can identify which module is bad and replace that right away. Saving you time and money.

We at Auto Key Pro, specialize in Mercedes keys programming and Electronic Steering lock (ESL) and Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS) programming. Do not hesitate to contact for any issues related to Mercedes Key. We offer same day service, with mobile onsite van, and trained techs to do the job, for the customer to have a worry free service.


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