Nissan Altima Pathfinder Gear Shifter Stuck in Park – No Gear Shift

Have you come across your Nissan shifter gear not shifting from park? Stuck in Park? Have to manually press the shifter release to disengage from Park? This is a common Shifter problem for Nissan Altima’s and Pathfinders among others where a microswitch, Omron-SS-5GL13, that breaks and does not allow the shifter to shift anymore causing the vehicle to not move without manually releasing the shifter.

At Auto Key Pro, we have the electrical/electronics professionals who is able to diagnose the issue and replace the damaged components without the need to replace the whole shifter and spending thousand from the dealer with parts and labour. This type of repair lasts much longer than getting a used shifter and replacing it with your damaged shifter. Best decision to make is to fix the damaged component with a brand new one which we stock, and able to service your vehicle same day or next day service.

Our warranty policy for the Nissan Gear Transmission shifter is second to none which allows peace of mind to customers and making sure that they not only save time and money, but also are assured customer satisfaction throughout the whole process.

We have repaired multiple vehicles with this Nissan Gear Shifter problem, Omron-SS-5GL13, and stock the micro switch part to be able to offer same day service. We understand how important it is to have a vehicle under the hand for errands and family and work, and that’s why we are there to complete the job for you without the need to send it to a Nissan Dealer.

Auto Key Pro has a 6000 square feet facility at 1154 Rymal Rd E, Unit 6, which allows indoor parking of your vehicles and premium service. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone/email/text/chat to answer any questions. We specialize in car keys and automotive wiring/electronics work.



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