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Install New Batteries

Is your remote keyless entry signal weak? Perhaps the range of response is not as far as it once was. Is the remote not functioning? These are all signs that you potentially need your batteries replaced. We would be happy to check your remotes to quickly determine if you require a battery replacement, which is a fast and inexpensive way to get your remote back to full strength.
Modern car keys, because of their sophistication, run on batteries. When your car key’s battery becomes weak or dead, you may discover that the signal is weak or even unresponsive. When that happens, you need to install new batteries to prevent being stranded at ungodly hours.
Auto Key Pro stocks several vehicle key batteries. If you need to change your car key batteries at short notice, contact us immediately and we will get it done in no time.
Key FOBs need a good battery to work effectively. Although you may not use your key fob to start the car, but remote functions and keyless entry are impossible if your fob has a bad battery.
It is easy to change car key batteries but most people lack the knowledge and equipment to do the job. And that is where we come in.
At Auto Key Pro, we have a large stock of replacement batteries, installation equipment, and programming tools to help you get the best out of your car key and fobs. Our service is reliable, fast and affordable.
If you need to recharge your car keys in the Greater Hamilton area of Ontario, Auto Key Pro is your trusted local provider of reliable and affordable vehicle locksmith services. We can handle locksmith needs of cars, trucks and motorcycles from domestic and foreign brands.
Besides installing new car key batteries, we also cut and program new keys, repair damaged keyholes and ignition, and provide emergency locksmith services 24/7.
After battery installation, you may also need to reprogram your car key or FOB. At Auto Key Pro, we provide leading-edge automotive key programming services. Our specialist vehicle locksmiths can handle different types keys including the old metal keys, smart keys, transponder keys and high security keys of any car, truck or motorcycle.
Whether water damages your car key battery, the battery expired or the connectors are failing; we have all the tools and experience to give you a safe and secure access to your vehicle. The best part is that our vehicle locksmith services take a fraction of the time your dealer takes to get a new key or change the batteries.
Do you drive a Porsche or Bentley? Owning a luxury car is super fly, but something as simple as recharging or changing the car key batteries of a supercar can take a long time and deprive you the enjoyment of cruising in comfort.
As specialists in high-end European brands such as Audi, BMW, Bentley, Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, and VW, we provide fast and affordable locksmith services for your luxury car. Whether you lost your key, need to change the car key battery or FOB battery or programming of a new key, Auto Key Pro delivers within a few hours, compared to a few weeks if you used a dealer.
Auto Key Pro is a leading vehicle locksmith services provider in the Greater Hamilton Area of Ontario. Whether you drive a domestic car, high-performance motorcycle such as the Ducati, or own a breathtaking supercar like the Porsche Panamera, we have specialized equipment to optimize the safety of your transport.
Are you a resident of Hamilton in search of a reliable and trusted vehicle locksmith services provider? Auto Key Pro is your neighbourhood expert automotive locksmith company that delivers exceptional vehicle locksmith services at unbeatable prices.
Whenever you need fast vehicle locksmith services in Hamilton, call us and we will be there within a few minutes. Auto Key Pro is your neighbourhood vehicle locksmith and our in-depth knowledge of the Greater Hamilton Area allows us to deliver the best automotive locksmith services to our customers. We are a call away whenever you need us.
At Auto Key Pro, we stock all types of high quality remote key-less entry batteries and offer to replace them at reasonable prices.
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