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Chrysler Crossfire Mercedes SLK230 Ignition Not Turn ON – Stuck Ignition

ignition housing rebuild kit

Have you come across the common key no turn in ignition with the Chrysler Crossfires? Very Stiff or have to turn multiple times while wiggling and jiggling the key and in some cases have the key shell breaking due to the attempts? This is a common failure in the ignition where the steering lock mechanism jams and does not allow the crossfire ignition to turn.

At Auto Key Pro, we have come across this problems several times and offer lifetime warranty for the repairs. Same day service allowing customers to get their vehicle back in no time. Saving customer time and money compared to going to the dealer.

No need to get a brand new one from the dealer where this problem occurs again. You can mail the ignition to us and we can rebuilt it with the life time warranty. Or if you are local, tow or bring the crossfire to our indoor facility to service and make sure this crossfire ignition problem never occurs again.

Chrysler Crossfire Ignition Cylinder Damage

Chrysler Crossfire

Chrysler Crossfire Ignitions are known to get damaged and can be a costly replacement if done by the dealer. Do you have to wiggle the key and turn the steering wheel to get the cylinder to turn? Does the key sometime get stuck in the cylinder and not come out? These are all signs of damaged Ignition Cylinder or issue related to the steering lock release mechanism.

We highly suggest servicing the issue ASAP before it gets worse and can’t turn it anymore.

Here is an image of the vehicle and damaged ignition cylinder.


chrysler crossfire ignition hamilton

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