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Top Motorcycle Key Duplication and Replacement Services

We all have the habit of losing or misplacing things, including a motorcycle key. Owning a motorcycle and not being able to ride it due to a lost key can be very daunting. Yes, it is feasible to copy your motorcycle key. However, how easy it is and how cheap or costly it is, depends on the circumstances.

Motorcycle Key Duplication and Replacement Services

If you lose or misplace your motorcycle key, you will still be able to get a copy or duplicate made by a locksmith. You can make use of the ignition cylinder code to arrange a duplicate key made by your local locksmith.

Why Should You Get a Duplicate Key for Your Motorcycle?

Having a copy or duplicate of your key as a preventive measure can save you bucks and time in the non-favoring circumstances of losing or misplacing your motorcycle key.

Duplicate keys allow you to share your motorcycle with your friend or a sibling. Each one of you can have a different key to use the motorcycle and if you take the key with you leaving the motorcycle behind, your friend or sibling need not wait for hours to take a ride.

Can You Copy Your Motorcycle Key?

Yes, it is feasible to copy your motorcycle key. However, the cost of the key duplication depends on the situation.

The easy way: Take your motorcycle key to a local locksmith and get a copy curated within minutes. Visit your local locksmith and give your key to him. The locksmith can make a copy of your key within a short period. The locksmith uses a small machine that traces the shape of the key with a probe and transfers the movements to the cutter to build an exact copy.

Find a nearby locksmith who can make a duplicate key to your motorcycle by using the ignition cylinder. 

The locksmith chooses a blank key that goes into the key slot and by turning the key the locksmith gets the impression of the blank key.  The locksmith utilizes the impression to file the profile on the blank key and makes a duplicate key by continuously putting the blank key into the ignition cylinder and doing optimization by filing.  This will take more time and can cost you more than the earlier methods.

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