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Troubleshooting NO Start Issues with Your Car

It is very unfortunate when you are rushing to go to an important big work meeting or doctor’s appointment but your car refuses to start. Even more distressful is that you have no clue because your car won’t start. Is it the engine? Is it the battery? No idea? Also, you are not always lucky enough that you get the root cause in one go. You will be amazed to know how many issues can resist your car from starting.

No Start Condition

Common Issues

There are mainly two situations when your car may not start: crank-no start and no-crank-no-start. A crank-no-start is when the engine cranks but can’t fire up. A no -crank-no-start is when the engine doesn’t cranks at all or it creates a buzzing sound only.

Diagnosing Engine Cranks but Doesn’t Start

When you turn the key to get your car started, the battery supplies power to turn the starter motor and cranks the engine. The fuel or air enters the engine, where they are compressed and ignited to create a series of small explosions which makes your engine run. The absence of air or fuel mixture, spark, and compression will make your engine crank but it won’t start. Thus the root cause of the crank but no start situation is with either fuel/spark delivery or compression system.

Diagnosing No Crank, No Start Condition

When you turn your key and nothing happens. The first thing you should check is the battery system. A rapid way to test your battery is just to turn your headlights on, if they are at a constant brightness level means they are neither flickering nor becoming dull over time. It signals that your battery test is OK. After that analyze battery connections to check for any dirt or debris that may be the reason for the no crank no start situation. Other reasons may include:

  • Faulty crankshaft sensor.
  • Damaged Fuel System.
  • Damaged Compression or Ignition System.


There are a lot of potential reasons that resist your car from starting. Knowing the signs and signals of faulty no-start situations and learning how to overcome such issues, will bring your car on road in no time. Regular check-ups will surely get you out of the worst situations. Some issues are not always easily detectable, it is advisable to always call for professional help because an attempt to save money may bring you to the situation of spending more dollars to rectify the consequences of your knowledge. It is best to let the professionals fix the problem and fix it right. Reach out at Auto Key Pro for any car issues.



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